5 sure ways to know if a girl likes you

Hello everyone, welcome to our review of 5 sure ways to know if a girl likes you. Are you in love with someone but feel shy to express your feelings? Are you dying to know what she feels for you? Do you want to make sure if she also feels the same for you? When we like someone or are in love with someone, we try to interpret each and every action of that person. Girls are a bit shy usually and many times it gets difficult for a guy to judge if she is interested in him or not. However, paying close attention to how she reacts and behaves in your presence can help you a great deal to understand if he is interested in you or not. Here are some ways to make you understand if a girl likes you or not.


  1. The way she speaks

The first thing that you should notice is the way she speaks in your presence. You need to pay close attention to not just what she is saying but also the way she is using to express herself. If you are flirting with her and she knows that, she might feel some nervousness that she can try to hide behind her voice. If she is sounding a bit anxious in her voice, it indicates that she also likes you and is excited about the things that might take place in between you both.

One more sign to know that she likes you is that she will laugh at the most stupid joke that you will tell her. If this is the thing, you surely are making a way to her heart. Girls smile and laugh a lot when they are with a person whom they like. At the same time, you also need to make sure that all conversation should not be about you, rather revolve your talks around her, what she feels. Make sure that she is also talking and not just listening.


Finally you need to observe what she is talking about. If she is asking you about your past relationships and about what kind of girl you want, certainly she is interested in you. If she wants to know more about you like your likings, your interests, your future plans, she is trying to figure out if you two both are compatible with each other or not. If a girl tells you that she is single, it simply means that she has crush on you.

  1. Her eyes

Her eyes will express it all as eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes are the sure shot way to know if a girl likes you or not. If a girl is sexually attracted to a guy, her pupils will be dilated while speaking to him. Always try to create an eye contact with her while talking, it strengthens the bond and she feels more confident.

It may also happen that she may not look into your eye which means she is excited as well as nervous but at the same time she is keen on moving forward with you. You might feel that she is looking at you but when you will look back, she will look away. One way to know that she likes you is when you notice that her eyes are always on you while you are with her and doing something. If a girl is looking straight into your eyes while talking with you and gives you curious looks, it means she is not interested in you.


  1. Body language

Next most important thing that can tell you if a girl likes you is her body language. How the girl stands, sits and moves in your presence is sure shot way to know if she likes you. Here are some signs that you should look for when you are with her:

  • She is smiling the moment you start a conversation with her.
  • She tries to find reasons to be with you and touch you
  • Biting or touching lips in front of you
  • Playing with hair when you both are talking
  • She will pay lots of attention on her looks and will dress up really nicely to meet you
  • She will be amused when you will praise her looks
  • Turning torso towards you
  • Bumping knowingly into you
  • Will hug you for no reasons
  • Leans towards you
  • Sits with crossed legs


  1. Digital flirting

Today is the age of technology. Everything has turned digital now. Social media has become so powerful. There are many signs you should look for if you want to know that a girl is interested in you. For an example, if she tags you often in her posts, if she pays close attention to all your posts, likes them and shares them, if she texts you often and many times just randomly to start a conversation, if she uses lots of smileys and winky faces while texting you, these all are signs that she is interested in you.


  1. Other signs

There are many other signs that you need to observe to know if the girl is interested in you. If you meet her with her group of friends, you should pay attention to her friends as well. Sometimes a girl wants to know how you behave with her friends, how you talk with them etc. be friendly with her friends, but never flirt with them. Notice the behavior of her friends as well. If you notice her friends looking at you and talking with each other, chances are there that she has told them about you and she likes you. If you notice that the conversation between her friends suddenly stops the moment you approach them, be sure they were talking about you. May be your girl was telling them about you.

These were some of the common signs that you should look for to know if a girl is interested in you. At the same time, you should show your care for her. Like if she is carrying some heavy stuff, you should offer help and carry the stuff for you. If she if feeling cold, you can offer your jacket to her. Open the door for her is also nice. Also notice her behavior with other men. It is difficult thing to know a girl likes you or not but being a little observant, you can surely find out this. All the best!